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Psychologists tells us that fear drives anger, so when we see or hear that someone “hates” something, or they try to scare us not to do something, we know that fear is driving that feeling.

That helps explain the negative reaction the word “annuities” gets from some financial advisors, radio personalities, and good folks like your neighbor Bob who read something, somewhere, sometime and became an expert on his own. It’s driven by fear.

Annuities have received bad publicity, some of it justified, but most often not. As the old saying goes, “people don’t know what they don’t know”. Or better yet, to quote late Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs “People don’t know what they want until you show it to them”.

Top 3 Reasons You Hear Bad Stuff about Annuities

  1. Money Manager Bias! Let’s face it, if your advisor gets paid a fee to “manage money” and you want to pull all, or even just a portion, of your retirement savings out of the stock market, that’s not good for advisor’s pocket book. Enough said.
  2. Horror Stories! Many people have been sold- key word, sold annuities that aren’t appropriate for them. In many cases, this involved a confusing product called a “variable annuity”. Long story short, imagine being sold a “can’t lose” scenario of unlimited returns with no downside. Sound too good to be true? It was for the poor folks who fell for this pitch from greedy sales people.
  3. High Fees! This has been the go-to, standby, #1 reason (if all else fails) to prevent consumers from putting a portion of their retirement savings in an annuity. Yes Virginia, we do get paid— but contrary to advisor gossip, it’s not you paying us like you pay your money manager. We’re paid by the insurance company guaranteeing your money, and we’re held to a high ethical and fiduciary standard to get it right. We also offer you a 30-day “free look” to make absolutely sure you feel good about your decision.

We think annuities are a great solution for many people, including you, to protect and preserve your retirement savings. But they’re not the only solution. And while many so-called experts have plenty of bad things to say about annuities, we at Youity have nothing bad to say about others. We’ll let YOU decide what’s right for YOU. That’s what Youity is all about.