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Each weekend, we deliver everything you need to achieve a Youity Lifestyle in our two-hour syndicated show. Protecting and preserving your retirement assets is important, but so are other things, and we’ve got them all covered!

From travel to health & fitness, real estate news, fine dining and the latest medical news, plus fun segments like “Callback” and “This Week in History”, Brian Bushlach spins the hits of the 60’s & 70’s and delivers the latest news & information to help you live a Youity Lifestyle!

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SHOW DATE: September 19, 2015



Brian opens our September 19-20 show with a preview of the show and interesting tidbits about Social Security, annuities and “Medical Quarterbacking”, a term you’ll want to become familiar with.

Our exclusive interview with best-selling author Philip Moeller, who’s book “Get What’s Yours” exposes the Social Security system. This revealing two-part interview opens with the backstory on how this book became a reality and is changing the lives of Americans like Y-O-U, part of a Youity Lifestyle.


Our conversation continues with best-selling author Philip Moeller who’s book “Get What’s Yours” could potentially net you thousands in additional retirement income in the years to come, helping you to live a Youity Lifestyle!

Achieving a Youity Lifestyle includes the following: Safe, secure retirement income planning, AND HAVING FUN ENJOYING RETIREMENT! Travel is a big part of that, and Brian shares his recent trip to NYC and new favorite hotel in the heart of the Big Apple.



As we like to point out, the stock market is Uncle Sam’s casino. If you and your money are in it, you’re rolling the dice. Brian shares shocking commentary from the former Chairman & CEO of the New York Stock Exchange, Dick Grasso, who says today’s market “isn’t fair”. (Please note: We’ve been saying this all along, nice to hear Mr. Grasso back us up!)


You’re living in a different world. Things have changed a lot, and the health care system is at the top of that list. Nowadays, YOU are responsible for managing your own health care. Brian welcomes author and “Medical Quarterbacking” expert Leslie Michelson to discuss “The Patient’s Playbook”.


Your medical coverage and how you handle your care will become increasingly important in the years to come. Brian continues the conversation with author Leslie Michelson who offers advice on how you can become your own “Medical Quarterback”.


Were you happy to get that welcome letter from the AARP? Probably not, because you’re not “old”, right? You’re aging like a fine wine. Let’s keep it that way- Brian brings you the latest news on health & wealth, plus the events that shaped our lives.