Discover Youity, Where YOU Design YOUR Retirement

We named our company, well… after Y-O-U. At Youity, our sole focus is helping you protect, preserve and safely grow your retirement savings. Find Youity on your own, or let us guide you by calling 844-4-YOUITY.


Looking for a nice, safe place (other than a coffee can or underneath your mattress)? That might make you a Youity Saver. We have ideas and possible solutions if you’re looking for a savings account type of place that offers a better rate-of-return than your bank CD’s or money market accounts.


Are you trying to grow your nest egg and not lose sleep at night? That might make you a Youity Growth kinda guy or gal. Imagine a world where you’ll no longer worry if bad news in Uzbekistan means you’re working 10 more years. Youity Growth protects principal and offers a competitive rate-of-return.


Need to create an income stream sooner rather than later, or maybe right now? Youity Income offers a variety of options to ensure a guaranteed income stream for life, or a specific period of time. Remember how dad or grandpa had a pension plan? This is pretty much the same thing, but you don’t get a gold watch or a retirement party.


Are you still sleeping with a blankie after all these years? That’s okay. After everything you’ve been through you’re probably a good candidate for our Youity Secure solutions. If you’re still sucking your thumb after the last stock market meltdown, we can help with that as well.


Admit it. You want it all, right? You’re a saver, but you want growth. You need income, but you want to feel secure you’re not outliving your nest egg. So let’s face it, you want to have your cake and eat it too— you’re one of those people! The good news is, we can help you. Just let us know what kind of cake you like, and we’ll make it from scratch.


Doing nothing is always an option, and that’s fine with us. Our advisors are paid a salary and get free donuts every Friday. So if you say “no thanks”, it won’t hurt our feelings (but please tell your friends how wonderful we are). Feel free to enjoy all the other amazing things we offer, like health & medical updates, our travel insider, and the latest offers from our partners. We’re here to help you achieve your own Youity Lifestyle.